What is

Temporary SMS is a free service to receive text (SMS) messages from anywhere in the world to our online phone numbers. We offer "real" VoIP numbers from several countries. New phone numbers are continually added to the site. All text messages are stored temporarily.

Why use a temporary phone number?

Increasingly phone numbers are required to sign up for various websites and applications. These phone numbers are verified during the registration process through a text (SMS) code. Your phone number, a piece of personally identifiable information, is often subsequently sold to various data brokers to build rich consumer profiles relevant for advertising and tied together across various databases.

Our temporary online phone numbers can be used instead to maintain privacy.

Which services can these phone numbers be used for?

Our phone numbers can be used to register verification codes on Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Baidu, Tinder, Grindr, and more.

If a particular number does not work, try using another number. The number has likely been used too frequently for the same service.

If you find our site useful for other services please let us know.